Thank You, Prince.

When you have the opportunity to sit at the feet of your elders, do it. When you have the opportunity to witness the legends show their mastery, do it. When you have the… Continue reading

2016 Black Comix Arts Festival

Hey folks! Today kicks off the 2016 Black Comix Arts Festival (BCAF) in San Francisco. In its second year, this two-day festival “celebrates African Americans’ creativity in the comic arts and popular visual culture… Continue reading

Editorial: Style Equation Magazine

Two years ago, I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with my sisterfriend, Savona Jenkins, on her magazine — Style Equation.

[INTERVIEW] Beyond Classically Beautiful

Beyond Classically Beautiful is an awesome community that celebrates the diverse beauty of Black women. I mean, if you want your daily dose of‪ #‎BlackGirlMagic‬, you must follow BCB on Instagram. I had… Continue reading

[INTERVIEW] Black Nerd Problems

I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed by one of my favorite creative communities, Black Nerd Problems, about my art, the inspiration behind it, and what I feel are the responsibilities of Black artists.… Continue reading

Armor in the Briefcase Battlefield

Immediately after I started contributing to the #BlackFemaleProject (and reflecting on my own professional journey), I began to think deeply about the coping strategies that Black women employ in the workplace to survive and thrive; in spite of the many barriers that exist.

Debut Solo Exhibition: W-2 Warriors

For my 30th birthday, last year, I gave myself the gift of art. That is, I committed to creating as much art as I could; reconnecting with the loving, vibrant, powerful arts community that exists here in The Bay; and exhibiting my work as often as I could…

The #BlackFemaleProject

A few months ago, I joined a community of women who are part of a project that was birthed by one of my mentors, Precious Stroud — The ‪#‎BlackFemaleProject‬.

Kehinde Wiley + Artware

I’m a fan of exploring non-traditional canvases, surface design, wearable and home decor art, and the like. So I appreciate this porcelain plate collab between (one of my favorite artists) Kehinde Wiley and Artware… Continue reading

myTunes : Screwed + Chopped Jill Scott

Although not as popular in the Bay Area, I’m a longtime fan of screw music (blame it on my TX roots). This S+C remix of Jill Scott’s Imagination/Crown Royal Suite is among my… Continue reading

Inspiration : West Oakland Mural

I have a thing for street art. When it’s done right… it’s beautiful. It transforms tattered buildings, and otherwise ignored structures, into public displays of creativity… impromptu community art, if you will. I’m… Continue reading

Inspiration : Pencey Dante Sandal [Free People Clothing Boutique]

O M G this morning, i fell in love with these sandals. thanks to, i discovered these beaded beauties. the Pencey Dante Sandal, of Free People Clothing Boutique, can be yours for… Continue reading

Inspiration : Rwandan Batik

I have an affinity for batik… particularly batik from The Motherland. There’s something magical about the creative process + labor behind creating wax print fabrics. I would be willing to bet money that… Continue reading

Fluffy Jo : Posters + Prints for Sale [FINALLY!]

Yes, you’ve read correctly. I finally found a print-on-demand service that floats my boat [shout out to RedBubble]. I have listed two pieces thus far. I plan to add a few more in… Continue reading

myTunes : Anita Baker

I caught some of the Soul Train Awards last night. The highlight [for me] was definitely the tribute to Anita Baker. She is one of my absolute favorite singers. Ever. Ever ever! I… Continue reading