Inspiration : Pencey Dante Sandal [Free People Clothing Boutique]




this morning, i fell in love with these sandals.

thanks to, i discovered these beaded beauties. the Pencey Dante Sandal, of Free People Clothing Boutique, can be yours for $328. to view more photos, and purchase, click here.

i can honestly say that i’ve found my style as an artist. nearly ALL my pieces are comprised of bold colors, and geometric shapes… very tribal-inspired. when i view these sandals, i view my art.

it’s been a minute since i put something on canvas (2 months to be exact *gasp*), but i am constantly finding inspiration for future pieces.

i joked around on facebook that i would take some plain sandals, grab a couple of sacks of beads, and attempt to create my own version of these shoes. truthfully, i don’t have that kind of time (or patience), but these bead patterns have definitely inspired me to re-stock my paint today 😉