The #BlackFemaleProject


A few months ago, I joined a community of women who are part of a project that was birthed by one of my mentors, Precious Stroud — The #‎BlackFemaleProject‬. The goal of ‪#‎BFP‬ is to harness the collective experiences and wisdom of Black women in the workplace, and share it with the next generation (our little sisters) so that they can navigate and combat institutional racism, sexism and discrimination as they embark upon their careers.

My participation in this project has conjured a range of emotions. It’s especially made me think about how often we put on “masks” and “armor” to make it through the day, and up the career ladder. Or the backlash we receive on those days we decide to say f*ck it, take off those masks, and be our authentic selves. To say that this experience is draining, is putting it mildly.

What makes me most excited about being part of this movement is knowing that we are equipping our young sistas with the tools they need not just survive, but thrive — and continue to chip away at systemic injustices. Thank you, Sis. Precious for the vision and platform to make it happen.

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