Editorial: Style Equation Magazine

Two years ago, I had an amazing opportunity to collaborate¬†with my sisterfriend, Savona Jenkins, on her magazine¬†Style Equation. Style Equation “approaches the world of fashion from an avant-garde perspective with a global outlook.” The November 2013 Issue, titled¬†The Style of Music, explored the intersection of fashion and music. Savona proposed that I create a series of illustrations that explored this concept.

I decided to focus on highlighting lyrics to popular hip hop tracks that were fashion-centric. My decision to focus on hip hop was reflective of how the genre serves as a powerful influence in the fashion industry. Rappers/lyricists/hip hop artists set fashion trends, and they have since the genre’s inception. The images were accompanied by an interview I did with Erin Richards. This was an incredibly fun project, and I look forward to revisiting it in the future.

Check out the article here, and the full issue here.