Artist Bio

Howdy All,

  • My name is Dania W. Frink [also known as Fluffy Jo]
  • I am a San Francisco Bay Area native
  • I am a Loyola Marymount University and University of San Francisco alumna
  • I majored in animation, with a minor in studio arts (undergrad) and public administration (grad school)
  • I started a business in January 2007; originally a clothing line by the name of Fluffy Jo
  • My late great-grandmother, Valerie G. Bell, named me Fluffy Jo when I was a baby.
  • My business has morphed into something more than just a clothing line. I’m still working the kinks out, and the whole process is pretty cool.
  • I love creating art in its various forms; painting, mixed media, graphic design, illustration, creative writing, filmmaking…
  • I recognize the role of art as a tool for achieving equity in education and social justice
  • I recognize and honor the role of artists as change agents and community leaders
  • I am a foodie
  • I am an adventure-seeker
  • I’m a virgo
  • I love the word, “yay!”

Yay you for taking the time to read this!

questions? email me at // and check out my main website at