Inspiration: Street Art

While I DO NOT condone vandalism of ANY kind, I am totally feeling this color combination. It would make for a nice palette for a new painting. Advertisements

Fluffy Jo: Getting My Ish Together

Okay. I won’t even wait until New Year’s to make good on some resolutions. I resolve to become a better blogger [or at least, have a better method of organizing all of my… Continue reading

Cool Quote : An unnamed bishop

“Your purpose in life can be found at the intersection between the greatest need and where you find the greatest joy. Have you found your purpose?” Wowsers. This quote really speaks to me.… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning…

So… I’m back from my mini hiatus. I won’t bore you with the details of what occurred during that time, but I will mention a few key words and phrases – 9 to… Continue reading

Gimme Gimme : 18k Gold Pearl Drop Earrings

Aren’t they just beeeee-yoooou-teeee-fulllll??? I found these Cheryl Maloney earrings on Oye Modern [A super dope online boutique featuring the most unique high-end jewelry]. They can be yours for $210.

Fluffy Jo : Revamp // Relaunch // Re-everything…

Howdy. It’s been crazy round these parts, which is why I haven’t posted anything in a while. My business cards should be arriving tomorrow. My website is up and running [and has gotten… Continue reading

Fluffy Jo : Website!

I feel good [sung like the late James Brown] this morning. Finally finished the website! Yay! Like the business card assignment, this is yet another small/simple task… yet sooooo mentally satisfying. Another item… Continue reading

Fluffy Jo : New Business Card

I now present the 5 minute business card. Voila! Yes I said 5 minutes [okay, more like 7.5]. There are so many tasks at hand as I restructure and revamp my business. If… Continue reading

Cool Quote : My Cousin Nikki

“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. ♥ So love the people who treat you right. ♥ Forget about the one’s who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you… Continue reading

Inspiration : Business Card Art

Yesterday I was catching up with my friend Aminah, a super dope jewelry designer. While I was placing an order for some of her beautiful waist beads, she introduced me to a friend… Continue reading

myTunes : SWV

Wow… came across this lil video clip on Necole Bitchie. Coko, Taj, and Lee Lee swing by photographer Derek Blanks‘ studio, and sing the chorus of Weak in hopes of getting the “player… Continue reading

Gimme Gimme! : Button Ankle Jeans

Dang, I haven’t posted anything in a cool minute. I suppose that’s what happens when your 9 to 5 turns into a 7a to 9p *sigh* So, I was catching up on the latest… Continue reading

Inspiration : Hairstyles of the World

I have a habit of collecting quirky books… especially quirky coffee table books… especially quirky coffee table books that are in the bargain bin… Life can get busy. Sometimes I don’t get a… Continue reading

News : 7.0 Earthquake in Haiti

I’m sure you’re more than aware of the catastrophic event that just took place in Haiti. It brings tears to my eyes for the simple fact that this is just one of the… Continue reading

Cool Quote : L. W. [My favorite co-worker]

“How will you know if he’s THE ONE? It’s simple, Honey. He’s gotta make you light up and shine, no matter what’s going wrong in the world around you… just like a glow… Continue reading